The ultimate handle-free kitchen

SieMatic offers kitchens with a personalized and individual design with the aim of creating a unique space in your home. The three SieMatic lifestyle collections URBAN, PURE, CLASSIC and MONDIAL serve as a starting point for the personalized design of your kitchen. The PURE SLX handleless kitchen belongs to the second lifestyle collection, where minimalism and attention to detail are key. Think of your PURE SLX kitchen as a luxurious canvas that inspires you to express your creativity and create a space that suits your taste and lifestyle.

SieMatic PURE SLX - Less is more

The expression "Less is more" fits perfectly with the handleless PURE SLX kitchen. The minimalist and aesthetic design and our love for details are characteristic for SieMatic, and you will also find them in this sophisticated kitchen.

Illuminated recessed grip

This handleless kitchen is all about the luxurious details. For example, the recessed grip is indirectly illuminated for a unique look. The LED lighting is completely customisable to suit your mood and the time of day. Adjust the colour warmth or light intensity to create a calming or energetic atmosphere in your kitchen and express your creativity.

The LED light in the recessed grip is also a real eye-catcher. It makes your kitchen unique and very personal, and will positively influence the mood of your friends and family.

A handle-free kitchen with timeless design

Thanks to the wide choice of materials and colours, you can create a unique composition that perfectly matches your wishes and taste. The selected materials are of very high quality and the kitchen components are designed with care. All this results in a luxurious and timeless look. It also reflects our passion for luxury, durability and comfort.

If you like to express your creativity, the SieMatic PURE SLX is the ideal kitchen for you.

Optimise the space in your kitchen and express your creativity

The exterior of the kitchen components is already very visually appealing and radiates luxury, refined taste and comfort. But SieMatic also thinks about the inside of your kitchen furniture, which is at least as important. For example, you can create up to 30% extra space with the MultiMatic storage system. With these handy accessories, you can arrange your storage space yourself and adjust it when needed. The result is a flexible layout of your kitchen. In this way, you always have your most frequently used items close at hand and everything is neatly stored away. Your stock also stays neatly in place thanks to the Flock2Block floor covering that you place in your drawers, among other things. 

Visit the SieMatic showroom in Houten

To get a better idea of the possibilities of the handle-less kitchen from SieMatic, we invite you to our showroom in Houten, on the Ringveste.

In our showroom in Houten you will get to know the SieMatic PURE SLX concept through our timeless kitchen layout.

This handleless PURE SLX kitchen is luxurious and warm at the same time. The combination of wood reproduction/melamine fronts with a stainless steel worktop and the silk-matt black cabinets make this kitchen timeless. The glass showcases are equipped with the wall panel system 'Floating Spaces'. This system allows you to connect your kitchen to the dining room, in a flowing transition. This creates a whole new stylish living space. The FloatingSpaces make personalising your handleless kitchen even easier.

To optimise space in the kitchen, the interiors are equipped with MultiMatic storage system, which provides up to 30% more storage space. A detail you will notice as soon as you open the drawers of the showroom kitchen is the Flock2Block floor covering. This prevents products from sliding or tipping over. This accessory is therefore ideal for spice and stock drawers. 

The SieMatic PURE SLX showroom kitchen also features Miele appliances, a BORA induction hob and a Quooker Fusion Round.

Your luxury handle-less kitchen project starts at the SieMatic showroom at Ringveste in Houten. You will put create your dream kitchen together with your SieMatic advisor, who will transform all your wishes and expectations into a timeless design that perfectly matches your lifestyle.